Wonder of Wine Reviews Stobi Rosé

Wine Blogger Dawn from The Wonder of Wine loves wine and has spent the last 20 years pairing wines with great tasting food, so we are delighted with her latest blog ‘Kebabs and Rosé’, featuring our delicious and flavoursome Stobi Rosé.


In her blog, Dawn says “When I discovered that the Stobi Winery were producing a Rosé I had to try it and I wasn’t disappointed. This wine is most unlike any Rosé wine I have tasted. It is extremely versatile and matches very well with a lot of flavours.” She goes on to say “I’m in awe of the beautiful colour, which comes from the beautiful bright purple colour of the Vranec grapes. The colour was much brighter and richer than other Rosé wines.”

On the tasting Dawn comments “On the palate, the first thing that struck me was the low acidity and softness with a very pleasant and delicate red berry taste. When the glass is empty, there is an amazing aroma of rhubarb.” click here for the full blog and wine matching food ideas.


You can buy this wine at www.turtonwines.co.uk

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A prescription for good health – a glass of wine?

425094_499416066750538_1823421585_nGood news! A new study from the British Medical Journal has found that moderate alcohol consumption has a ‘protective effect’ on your heart, suggesting that those who drink in sensible amounts are actually healthier than those who abstain altogether.

The study observed that moderate drinking can stave off major problems such as heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, abdominal aortic aneurysm and peripheral arterial disease – in other words most all of the common things that can go wrong with your heart.

This finding supports what we have been blogging about for years: the fact that moderate drinking is good for you. As we’ve reported previously, analyses of other studies have shown that the overall effect of drinking is to improve health outcomes, with moderate drinkers on average better off than those who either do not drink or drink excessively.

It is also further evidence that the Government’s lowering of the recommended weekly alcohol units last year, when they reduced the amount from 21 units to 14 units for men, was not based on sound evidence.

The British Medical Journal paper recommends that ‘a more nuanced approach to the role of alcohol in prevention of cardiovascular disease is necessary’. Could we perhaps see doctors actually prescribing wine in future? Perhaps not, but in the meantime this study does mean that we should not feel guilty about enjoying a glass of wine when the mood takes us, and learn to respect our own judgement when it comes to how much we drink. Much like scientific studies, this is sometimes a case of trial and error! 

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Put Stobi on your Easter table this weekend

review-wonder-of-wineNo matter your faith, Easter is a fabulous occasion to spend time with Friends and Family over an extended weekend and a great opportunity to enjoy some quality wine and food too.

Our Stobi Vranec Syrah Petit Verdot is a great choice to take centre stage and pairs well with red meats, perfect if you are planning a roast! It also pairs well with mature cheese, ideal for vegetarians who want a tasty treat.

We love the food and wine pairing featured on the Wonder of Wine website where this opulent red wine has been paired with a traditional Macedonian Musaka! And we received a great review too; “it is so exciting not only to discover a new wine but also to learn about new grape varieties, Vranec and Petit Verdot. This wine is gorgeous. When you pour it into the glass the dark ruby colour alone is appealing. The first smell was a beautiful sweet smell and as I swirled and sniffed I was entertained by cherry, slight blueberry, currant and later a hint of violet, to be exact the aroma of the sweets Parma Violets. The first taste was silky smooth, which leads me to believe that this wine has spent some time in oak. Fresh Blueberries and cherries flooded my taste buds and then clove came through on the luxurious spicy finish.”

To read the full review, pop over to the Wonder of Wine website where you can find out some more ideas to match this wine with some great dishes to celebrate Easter.

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Discover Stobi wines…. Petit Verdot Barrique

stobi-flavours-petit-verdotWant to know more about our wonderful Stobi wines? Let’s start with one of our delicious reds, the Petit Verdot Barrique, currently available in 2013 vintage.

An intense purple colour, this wine is rich and rounded, with elegant tannins that roll like silk off the tongue. As well as mouthwatering fruit flavours the wine also has inviting scents of vanilla and spicy black cherry.

stobi-petit-verdotThe grape itself, Petit Verdot, originated in France’s most famous wine regions, Bordeaux. This is why it’s pronounced ‘peh-tee vur-doe’ in the traditional French manner, and it translates as ‘little green one’. The name possibly comes from the fact that the grape is late ripening, meaning that it was often picked when it was still not fully ripe – or a little green.

Petit Verdot crops up a lot in the blended wines of its homeland because of its violet aromas, sage notes and bold tannins. Because it is a reasonably bold grape, many winemakers don’t use it as a stand alone grape, preferring to mix it in small quantities with other varieties. Our Stobi version, therefore, is a wonderful chance to try this grape on its own, and discover the phenomenal flavours and depth that make it so sought after.

To serve the wine make sure it’s at a temperature of between 15-17 degrees Celsius. You may want to think about aerating it to bring out the flavours, particularly if it hasn’t been open for very long before you serve.

The wine goes very well with many red meats, cheeses and vegetable dishes, particularly those utilising spices such as sage, cumin and rosemary. If you can resist the temptation to open the bottles when you get them, the wine can be cellared for up to 5 years – just remember to keep the bottles cool and store them on their side for best results.

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Treat your Mum to a special lunch this Mothering Sunday – 26 March

stobi-stobi-cuveeDid you know that Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day are, technically, two different things? Mothering Sunday has its roots in the Christian festival whereby churchgoers, who would normally worship at their local church, made an annual pilgrimage to their ‘mother’ church – often the place they were baptised or a local Cathedral. Domestic servants (think Downton Abbey) would customarily be given the Sunday off to do this, and would return home for a family gathering as well as the church visit. As the country grew more secular the family aspect of the day took precedence and, influenced by the American festival called Mother’s Day, it gradually grew into the celebration we know today.

stobi-flavours-stobi-cuveeIf you’re stuck for ideas on how to make your mother feel special this 26th March, why not cook her a traditional Sunday roast? If your mum has been cooking you and your family Sunday lunches for as long as you can remember, this is a lovely way to show her how much this has meant to you over the years. To inspire you, we’re highlighting a sumptuous roast chicken recipe for you to try, from gastro-pub king Tom Kerridge. It involves a little preparation, as you have to brine the chicken the night before and then allow time for the skin to dry, but the results can be spectacular. Your mum will certainly appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to!

To go with your warm, comforting roast chicken, there’s nothing quite like a glass of chilled white wine, and our complex and characterful Stobi Cuvée 2014 will certainly hit the spot. Made from a combination of three Macedonian grape varieties, Rkatsiteli, Zupljanka, and Zilavka, our Cuvée is spicy, satisfying and fresh. It has wonderful aromas of peach, followed up by lemon and fruit salad flavours and a peppery finish.

We wish you all a wonderful day of celebrating with your families, and if you’re a mum we hope you’re pampered as you deserve!

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There’s no guilt in good wine

stobi-cuvee-2014_sp17_1How many articles have you read about diets in newspapers and magazines this month? 1? 10? 100? They’re everywhere, and if you’re trying to lose weight this variety of – often contradicting – advice can be confusing and off-putting. If you’ve become convinced that the only way to lose weight is to deny yourself everything, we’re here to reassure you that this isn’t the case.

Rather than panic at the sign of anything tasty, the best thing to do is keep it simple and allow yourself a little of what you like. This way your body is happy, your brain is happy and losing weight doesn’t seem like such a chore. Wine, for example, does contain the dreaded calories but perhaps not as many as you think: according to the Alcohol Concern website, a standard glass contains just 116!

This means that if you love wine, a glass or two can be a wonderful treat to go alongside a healthy meal. Some of our favourite healthy dishes feature grilled chicken and fish – both packed with protein and low in fat – while a large, delicious salad always hits the spot and ensures you get your five a day. We’ve highlighted one of our favourite salad recipes here to prove that they’re not just for the summer months. This one is a tasty mixture of cauliflower, beans and crumbly feta cheese that’s accented with herbs and zingy citrus flavours.

Now for the treat. This recipe, and in fact many salad, chicken and fish dishes, pairs perfectly with our Stobi Cuvée 2014. Dry, light and crisp, this intriguing wine is made from R’kaciteli, Žilavka and just a hint of Chardonnay. These combine to produce moreish flavours of fruit salad and lemon zest, as well as white peach and citrus fruits on the nose. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you forget you’re even on a diet!

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Great Reviews on Vivino for Stobi Wines!

vranec-veritas-reserve-red-wineWe think our range of quality Macedonian wines are superb, but don’t tale our word for it! Pop on to Vivino, the online wine community and mobile app where users can buy, rate and review wines, and you’ll see we received some great comments from wine lovers and an overall high scoring 4.0 stars for our Stobi Vranec Veritas Reserve!

Already receiving 59 ratings, our full bodied inky black red wine has captured the heart of many, getting feedback like:

“Whoa whoa whoa… hello Macedonia! It’s not often you drink a wine with this level of distinction. Extremely deep purple in colour, after decantering you’ll get an interesting balanced mix of aromas, from ripe plums to chocolate, vanilla and a touch of woodland. Well balanced on the palate with hints of spice and just enough oak induced tannins. Had there been a stronger fruit presence this would have scored full marks. Highly recommended. “ Paul Glaisher-Hernandez 4.5 stars.

“The nose is intense bramble fruit & a warming scent of alcohol. The palate is very smooth & supple, full of blackcurrant, with subtle nuances of dried spice, all resting upon soft layers of French oak. The acidity is consistent throughout & offers good balance, but the finish is average & the tannins are wild & chewy. This is a big, muscular monsterpiece…” Red Sipper 3.5 stars.

“Very impressive given the obscurity. Enjoy the wine.” Andy Barker.

“Beautiful” Simon Edge. 5 stars.

This award winning wine is made in the famous Tikveš region from the indigenous Vranec grape to produce a wine which is rich with aromas of black cherry, dark chocolate, hints of roasted coffee and spicy vanilla. Intense, dry, full bodied with a velvety texture and a fine tannic structure with a long finish of cocoa and vanilla.

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What to Serve Your Guests this New Year’s Eve

stobi-zilavka-white-wineThere is something odd about the New Year’s celebrations, at least from a wine perspective. Serving celebratory champagne at midnight is a wonderful tradition, but if your guests have been drinking beer, spirits or heavy wines beforehand they won’t be able to savour the taste.

We think one solution, if you care about what you’re serving as the clock chimes twelve, is to steer your guests towards a delicious white wine that will excite, not ruin their palates on the evening. One perfect wine for the job is our Stobi Žilavka, which is made from a delicious regional grape variety that’s still an undiscovered gem for many. The wine has delicious flavours of lemon and white peach, alongside tantalising hints of spice and a peppery long finish.

Of course the wine is only half the battle: you need some tasty snacks to go along with it – particularly if your party is going to last for several hours. If you’ve got lots of guests and are going for a cocktail party atmosphere, then you’re best off serving lots of small plates and nibbles, which can be sent out in waves from your kitchen to ensure that you get a break. It also means that no-one can hog all the food at once!

There are many things that work well with our Stobi Žilavka, and we’ve listed a few below to give you some pre-NYE inspiration.

Whatever you serve this New Year’s Eve we wish you a fantastic evening and a very happy 2017!

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