Put Stobi on your Easter table this weekend

review-wonder-of-wineNo matter your faith, Easter is a fabulous occasion to spend time with Friends and Family over an extended weekend and a great opportunity to enjoy some quality wine and food too.

Our Stobi Vranec Syrah Petit Verdot is a great choice to take centre stage and pairs well with red meats, perfect if you are planning a roast! It also pairs well with mature cheese, ideal for vegetarians who want a tasty treat.

We love the food and wine pairing featured on the Wonder of Wine website where this opulent red wine has been paired with a traditional Macedonian Musaka! And we received a great review too; “it is so exciting not only to discover a new wine but also to learn about new grape varieties, Vranec and Petit Verdot. This wine is gorgeous. When you pour it into the glass the dark ruby colour alone is appealing. The first smell was a beautiful sweet smell and as I swirled and sniffed I was entertained by cherry, slight blueberry, currant and later a hint of violet, to be exact the aroma of the sweets Parma Violets. The first taste was silky smooth, which leads me to believe that this wine has spent some time in oak. Fresh Blueberries and cherries flooded my taste buds and then clove came through on the luxurious spicy finish.”

To read the full review, pop over to the Wonder of Wine website where you can find out some more ideas to match this wine with some great dishes to celebrate Easter.

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