Treat your Mum to a special lunch this Mothering Sunday – 26 March

stobi-stobi-cuveeDid you know that Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day are, technically, two different things? Mothering Sunday has its roots in the Christian festival whereby churchgoers, who would normally worship at their local church, made an annual pilgrimage to their ‘mother’ church – often the place they were baptised or a local Cathedral. Domestic servants (think Downton Abbey) would customarily be given the Sunday off to do this, and would return home for a family gathering as well as the church visit. As the country grew more secular the family aspect of the day took precedence and, influenced by the American festival called Mother’s Day, it gradually grew into the celebration we know today.

stobi-flavours-stobi-cuveeIf you’re stuck for ideas on how to make your mother feel special this 26th March, why not cook her a traditional Sunday roast? If your mum has been cooking you and your family Sunday lunches for as long as you can remember, this is a lovely way to show her how much this has meant to you over the years. To inspire you, we’re highlighting a sumptuous roast chicken recipe for you to try, from gastro-pub king Tom Kerridge. It involves a little preparation, as you have to brine the chicken the night before and then allow time for the skin to dry, but the results can be spectacular. Your mum will certainly appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to!

To go with your warm, comforting roast chicken, there’s nothing quite like a glass of chilled white wine, and our complex and characterful Stobi Cuvée 2014 will certainly hit the spot. Made from a combination of three Macedonian grape varieties, Rkatsiteli, Zupljanka, and Zilavka, our Cuvée is spicy, satisfying and fresh. It has wonderful aromas of peach, followed up by lemon and fruit salad flavours and a peppery finish.

We wish you all a wonderful day of celebrating with your families, and if you’re a mum we hope you’re pampered as you deserve!

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