What to Serve Your Guests this New Year’s Eve

stobi-zilavka-white-wineThere is something odd about the New Year’s celebrations, at least from a wine perspective. Serving celebratory champagne at midnight is a wonderful tradition, but if your guests have been drinking beer, spirits or heavy wines beforehand they won’t be able to savour the taste.

We think one solution, if you care about what you’re serving as the clock chimes twelve, is to steer your guests towards a delicious white wine that will excite, not ruin their palates on the evening. One perfect wine for the job is our Stobi Žilavka, which is made from a delicious regional grape variety that’s still an undiscovered gem for many. The wine has delicious flavours of lemon and white peach, alongside tantalising hints of spice and a peppery long finish.

Of course the wine is only half the battle: you need some tasty snacks to go along with it – particularly if your party is going to last for several hours. If you’ve got lots of guests and are going for a cocktail party atmosphere, then you’re best off serving lots of small plates and nibbles, which can be sent out in waves from your kitchen to ensure that you get a break. It also means that no-one can hog all the food at once!

There are many things that work well with our Stobi Žilavka, and we’ve listed a few below to give you some pre-NYE inspiration.

Whatever you serve this New Year’s Eve we wish you a fantastic evening and a very happy 2017!

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